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A groovy retro throwback 

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One Mom 

Are you a solo parent too?

Strong woman can really do it all 

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Mom Life

We are all livin' it 


Drink Pink 

Paying tribute to a classic movie with a rose' twist 

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Cool Mom

Drinking beer on a champagne night?

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MWP Classic Logo

Tribute to the MWP Classic Logo 

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As a first time mother I had a hard time with the transition from pre-designed baby food purees to "big boy" foods when it was time to put down the spoon and let Milo pick up and feed himself. Instead of feeling defeated with a hungry little toddler at my side, I decided to make this new adventure in the kitchen a fun one. While experimenting with new recipes I found new favorites for him and even myself. These are his favorite recipes to date and I'm happy to share them with you! Healthy, hearty, and nutritious meals perfectly designed for even the pickiest of toddlers.

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