What the French Toast!? NEW Coffee Over Cardio Release

When I saw this new release pop up in my email inbox I was completely shook to my core! I loooove french toast and coffee! This match made in breakfast heaven is a must try for me and I can't wait to do a review of it on the podcast! Abbey Scott keeps blowing my mind with the flavors and the quality of Coffee Over Cardio. I don't know how she can make something so sweet and tasty while sticking to the gluten free, sugar free, carb free and keto friendly notability. It is October when this new flavored ground bean is releasing so who knows maybe see's a magical coffee witch.

The packaging on the French Toast is nothing short of Texan Perfection. Just like all the other charming coffee packages. These look adorable in my coffee cabinet and put a little smile on my face every morning. Honestly, if you haven't tried Coffee Over Cardio yet than I don't know what you're waiting for! Try the Basic AF Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Bundle or shoot for the new Texas Sweet Bread French Toast. Whichever you choose make sure to tag @coffeeovercardio and myself @emmma_dawn on Instagram.

Make sure to use code 10EMMADAWN to save at checkout when you order your Coffee Over Cardio deliciousness! Make sure to tag Coffee Over Cardio and Mommy Wines Podcast on IG!

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