If you are thinking about decorating your little darling’s bedroom, you may want to make sure that you get it right first time. Kids can be naturally fickle. However, changing the decor of a room annually is expensive. Instead, you need to get their ideas and explain to them the importance of harnessing their interests to create the most bespoke and perfect bedroom for them. Their bedroom should be their little sanctuary within the home. It doesn’t matter whether your cherub is six or sixteen, their bedroom should help them to feel safe, secure and content. It needs to be conducive to good sleep and rest, but it also needs to be a den in which they can relax and enjoy the company of pals. Take a look at these ultimate cool kids bedrooms ideas.

Go Bespoke

Everyone can have a white walled shell of a room with LED spotlights, a bookcase, a chest of drawers and a cool duvet set. However, it is more tricky to give a room a wow factor. The easiest way to do this for your offspring is to give them something bespoke. Forget the wall art from a generic home ware store, and opt for a customized piece for the wall. You could choose to use Radikal Neon's online custom neon sign builder here to put your child’s name up in lights. This can save you floor space with lamps and can be a more fun way to illuminate their room. With different colors and fonts, you can create something unique for your child’s room. Alternatively, you could get your hands on customized bed covers, a dressing gown or some wall signs.

Color Scheme

It can be a little daunting when your child is adamant that they want a bright pink, jade green or navy blue room. Perhaps they want their favorite sports team’s colors adorning their walls in thick stripes. This might make you panic. You’re all for giving your kids choice, but you don’t want a room that is too garish. Instead, paint all the walls white apart from one. This feature wall can be the blank canvas on which your child can go wild. Perhaps they want some graffiti art, a splash of wallpaper or a mural. Support your child and give them the space to use their imagination to create a wall for the perfect bedroom.

Go With A Theme

If your little boy adores dinosaurs, or your little girl yearns for pirates, create a room based on these themes. You could dress up your little darling’s bed to look like a pirate ship complete with plank and anchor. Or up-cycle a wardrobe to adorn it with dinosaur wallpaper. Put up a Jurassic Park stencil on the wall or put some cuddly parrot toys and a pirate dressing up box in the room. These themed ideas can be changed as they aren’t too static. A stencil can be removed and a bed can be changed meaning that it won’t be too expensive to adapt as your children grow older and their interests change.

Being a loving parent, you want to create the perfect environment for your child. Opt for a customized approach to your little one’s bedroom and always ask for their input. Use these ideas to inspire the decor for your bedroom renovations.

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