As parents, we want the healthiest lifestyles for our kids. That should go without saying. Why else would we spend so long trying to encourage them into eating varied diets and playing outside? We want them to grow into strong, healthy individuals. And, many us feel that multivitamin supplements are a sure-fire way to do that.

It’s no surprise when you consider the amount of child-friendly vitamins on the market today. A quick look in your local store will see you spoiled for choice. Even on television, giving your kids those daily gummies is made to look like a good thing. And, there’s no denying that multivitamins do, in the majority of cases, help our children’s health.

It is worth noting, though, that there are also cases where vitamins are little more than a waste of money. In some altogether more worrying instances, there’s even a risk that they do more harm than good. And, it’s this latter issue which we’re going to look at here. Any parent would, after all, be shocked to hear that their healthy efforts are doing more harm than good. But, here are a few reasons why that could be the case.

Vitamins can’t replace a balanced diet

Perhaps the most common problem is that of using vitamins to replace a healthy diet. Too often, parents feel that their children’s dietary needs are already met by vitamin intake. As such, they may not pay as much attention to things like balanced meals and food groups. This is a real problem, even where vitamins are concerned. That’s because no synthesized vitamin can replace a balanced diet. Even with supplements on the side, every parent needs to cook varied and wholesome foods. Without that, no vitamin will be able to keep their children healthy.

Vitamins themselves aren’t as healthy as you think

Another potential issue is that vitamins themselves aren’t as healthy as we believe. This is especially the case with the gummy options aimed towards children. That’s because many of these contain high sugar content and even artificial colors. All of which can do a fair amount of damage to children’s health. The good news is that, as can be seen in this natural health news, companies like Viva 5 and Taura are releasing healthy fruit-based alternatives. But, you do need to shop around to find the best options. Whatever you do, don’t buy any old vitamin and assume that it’ll do the trick.

Vitamins could be overkill

In an ideal world, your children should get all the vitamins and nutrients they need from their meals. In that case, multivitamins on top could well be too much. Far from making it more likely that our youngsters can fight colds, overdoing vitamins can actually do some damage. While most vitamins won’t harm in excess, there is evidence that overdoing things like vitamin A and zinc can cause damage and toxicity. Far from helping their health, then, those daily vitamins could be doing harm. Is it worth it?

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