When it comes to raising kids, most parents work towards the ultimate goal of ensuring their children are happy and healthy. While it’s not possible to protect against every ailment, it is often possible to prevent dental health problems. If you’re a parent, and you want to see healthy, radiant smiles staring back at you, here are some simple dental care tips to take on board.

Routine dental checks

Dental checks aren’t everyone’s idea of a fun day out, but they’re so important for adults and children alike. As a parent, it’s hugely beneficial to get your child used to the sights and sounds of the dental office at an early age. Take your child to the dentist every 6 months from the age of 12-18 months. Regular checks play a role in preventing decay, and they also allow dentists to keep an eye on the development of the teeth. Orthodontic imperfections and misalignment issues are very common among young people, and often, dentists recommend early intervention. If your dentist spots signs of orthodontic problems, they can refer your child for specialist treatment at an age when optimum results can be achieved. Modern orthodontic treatments are advanced, and you only have to look at pages like to see the kinds of technology that dentists and orthodontists have access to today. Correcting misalignment improves the look of the teeth, but it also helps to eliminate oral health issues by making it easier to clean the teeth.


Diet plays an incredibly influential role in children’s oral health. One of the main causes of high rates of decay among kids is excessive sugar consumption. Keep an eye on your child’s diet, and moderate their sugar intake. Swap sugary breakfast cereals for porridge or wholegrain cereals, replace snacks like biscuits, candy and chocolate bars with fresh fruit and yogurt, and encourage children to drink water, milk or sugar-free cordial instead of fizzy drinks and sodas. It’s always a good idea to check food labels when you’re doing your grocery shop. For more healthy ideas for kids, take a look at this article


Every parent has been through stages when their kids throw a tantrum when asked to brush their teeth or they flat out lie and say they’ve already cleaned their teeth when they haven’t been within 20 feet on their brush that day. If you are struggling to get your child to clean their teeth twice a day, try and make it fun for younger kids, and talk to your children about the importance of brushing and the impact of neglecting the teeth. Set a good example, and brush together as a family. You can put music on and brush along to songs to make sure you all brush for the recommended time.

Every parent wants the best for their kids, and there’s nothing better than seeing bright, beautiful smiles. To boost your child’s dental health, supervise brushing, moderate sugar intake and make sure you’re up to date with dental visits.

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