Simple Homemade Play-Dough

I'm hoping I'm not the only one, but I've been going a little stir crazy this year. 2020 has been quite the whirlwind. We are going on 8 months of my son, Milo, being home with me full time, away from daycare/preschool, and as a single solo-parent working on scaling four businesses I've become a little overwhelmed. It's begining to get impossible to keep him entertained and if I hear, "Mommy Mommy Mommy!!!" one more time I might start wearing ear plugs and drinking wine full time. No one wants that...

I always feel a bit guilty after I lose my temper or get annoyed as it is only the two of us in our entire lives, so who else would he call out for? Who else is here to entertain him, be his friend, teach him, answer his questions? To save my sanity and give Milo something else to do away from his tablet, we have been exploring some toddler crafts I'll be sharing with y'all right here on the relaunched Mommy Wines Blog!

We have been transitioning into a gluten free lifestyle so I've been looking for fun, super cheap, or free, ways to use up what's in our pantry in a non-eating way. That's where we thought of play-dough. I remember making it as a kid with my nanny and it was so much fun. So I went to Pinterest... However, a lot of the recipes were asking for cream of tartar... Now I don't know what that is but it sounds gross and I can guarantee I don't have any of that in my pantry. So I decided to wing it and if it failed no loss, the flour I am using isn't gluten free anyways. Luckily, it didn't and it turned out super fun! Here is the simplest recipe for homemade play-dough I've ever seen:

Simple Homemade Playdough

1 Cup Flour

1/3 Cup Boiling Water

Splash of Oil

*optional items

Food Coloring or Kool-Aid packet for color, 1/4 Cup Salt

Most of the recipes I've seen without cream of tartar had salt added. Now we made two play-doughs tonight and I forgot to add salt to the second one, because well... I'm me. Though personally I like the feel of the one without salt more. It's softer and easier to mold for little tiny hands, and not as grainy feeling. If you have older kids or looking to build a structure I would add the salt. But that's it! Simple Simple Simple!!! Check out my Instagram if you want to see photos of us playing with out playdough and the items we used. @emmma_dawn

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