Roasted Pomegranate Sage Cocktail

Who doesn't need a little sip sip when it involves a family gathering...? Maybe you're lucky, or delusional, and your family resembles a Hallmark movie. Or you're like the rest of us and are dealing with less deck the halls and a little more deck Uncle Jerry... "Everyone duck for cover Aunt Karen is about to toss her drink... again."

Oh the holidays. What a marvelous time of year. For me, I gave up family get togethers when I got old enough to make my own decisions regarding my mental health, and after my grandpa passed away things just weren't the same. Do you have one of those family members that are like glue, holding every one together? That was my grandpa and now that he's gone I think my family finally realized just how dysfunctional they all are. So we all went our separate ways.

However, now I have Milo and we are making our own traditions. Our own memories, and having ourselves a gay old time. One of the things I love is to experiment with cocktail making. Before I became this picture perfect Mommy Blogger and World Famous Podcaster.....ummmm who am I kidding here? I am far from perfect. More like just surviving every day with my toddler in the midst of a "pandemic" like everyone else. Even you. reading this right now.

Though, what I was getting at, was I used to be a bartender, way on back in my hay day. Even did a stint in Las Vegas! So, cocktail making is a bit of a hobby for me. As I've gotten older... hello 30's, I've changed the way I drink as getting older is a constant learning experience. So now instead of swigging back long island iced teas and taking Washington apple shots. I like to make cocktail nights an experience. Sit back and enjoy a nice drink, taste the flavors, get creative, and share those good ones right here with you.

So here is a simple, festive, cocktail that pairs perfectly with a nice homestyle Thanksgiving dinner. Go ahead and print or save this recipe and if you create this make sure to tag @mommywinespodcast and use the hashtag #winemomcocktails

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