We can do this many times a day; catch ourselves with a habit that we don't want to continue, for the sake of our children. But it's a part of life, we continually and habitually make mistakes, and when our children are young, this is the best time for us to iron out these habits. When our children are old enough, and they see us with habits that we can be ashamed of, this could give them bad memories further down the line, or emotional issues. So when we have bad habits, what can we do to fix them?

The Perils Of Advice From Other Parents

When we are new to the parenting game, we could feel that, to an extent, we have to muddle through by ourselves. But when we struggle, and we lean on certain crutches to ease us through, like alcohol, it can develop into more of a reliance. But it seems that if we are to ask advice from other parents, we can't always take it at their word. When it comes to any bad habit, and you're trying to get rid of it, such as if you are figuring out how to quit drinking, the real benchmark is if you want to stop the habit then you will. There are always other parents around to ask for advice, and you can always get their perspective on events, which can help you realize that it's not as bad as you think, but if you have to make big changes in your own lifestyle or habits, then you are the one responsible.

Working Through Them One By One

From losing weight to forging new habits in life, when we have a problem to overcome, we can feel it's a big challenge, when we should view it as a bunch of small ones. Breaking down every challenge into smaller challenges makes it feel achievable. For example, if you feel that you are looking at your phone too much in front of your children, when you know that you should be playing with them at this stage in their life, then you can set yourself a challenge not to look at your phone for a certain amount of time. There are apps that can switch off social media for you and the like, but that real feeling of achievement is when you've done it yourself and not bowed to internal pressure. Gradually, you can set the bar higher. And once you feel you are in a position where you are in control of your habits, that's when a sensation of healthiness and happiness will dictate your parenting skills.

When we have habits that we know we don't want to pass on to our children, or certain behaviors that we exhibit in front of them, these habits are difficult to break. There's no denying this. But when we've made the conscious decision that we have to stop doing these things, this is the first important step to becoming a better parent. Remember, there's no such thing as a perfect parent, and we can very easily over analyze every little detail, but as long as we're doing our best, our best is good enough.

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