Ok, so I don't know if you have heard this yet or not but I am a complete coffee addict and slightly a coffee snob. ;) There is no easier way to get me out of bed in the morning than making me a nice hot cup of yummy yummy coffee. That's why I have been loving trying all the new flavors and brews from Coffee Over Cardio.

The Saturdaze was one of the first bags of coffee over cardio I opened and trust me when I say I wasn't disappointed. Sweet delicious chocolate donut, but keto friendly, sugar, and carb free! It's like Abbey Scott created a miracle straight out of every woman's dream!

The flavored brews are like having desert for breakfast and not even feeling guilty about it. Coffee Over Cardio along with ever new flavors are now releasing kcup packs! These are ideal for 'on the go' java lovers or for me, I like to keep them in my desk at the office!

With the bundle options it's easy to save on trying multiple flavors or mix n match with creamers, boutique items, or coffee accessories. Like the new cold brew tumbler, recently added colors of on the go tumblers, or the best hand held frother you have ever tried! It's so easy to get delicious coffee house style flavored coffees at home, and Coffee Over Cardio always keeps it sugar, carb, and gluten free! It's a win win win! So use code 10EMMADAWN to battle your sweet tooth and save at checkout!

What pairs better with fitness friendly coffee besides premium activewear? Nothing! So make sure to shop the Zyia Active FALL INTO FITNESS event for a chance to win a free pair of Zyia Active Leggings! Every order number is automatically entered into a drawing.

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