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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

A lot has been happening over here at the MWP headquarters... aka my living room. Since taking the show solo I've been thinking a lot about what I wanted Mommy Wines to be, what I wanted to do and if I wanted to continue it at all. This all started out as a way to help woman and mothers connect, take a break from the day to day, give an outlet, and have authentic raw and relatable conversations. As I'm writing this I am considering locking my child in his room....Can't get much more raw and relatable than that. He has been a complete terror who has been refusing naps, making messes, and talking back like a hormonal teenager, this past week and I'm close to sitting at the bottom of my shower, ugly crying into a bottle of wine. But I'm not there quite yet so I'll keep writing.

Since figuring out remote recordings...thanks covid. There's been one good thing to come from the government locking me in my home alone with my child for 8 months. Mommy Wines has gone global! I have had some incredible conversations with folks from around the world! Giving an even more authentic, inspiring, relatable view into authors, ceo's, corporate moms, or stay at home mums, teachers, influencers, business owners, wine enthusiasts, singles, divorcees, fathers, and so much more.

It has reignited my passion for connection that originally inspired Mommy Wines Podcast. The world is often times isolating, especially for a single solo parent who's 1,856 miles away from home... That's me if you didn't catch on. So Mommy Wines is a way for people to connect, and learn, and relate to each other. To feel a little less alone and to be inspired, uplifted and to feel connected.

You may have noticed that MWP got a whole new look? Well, we sure did! Since I have taken the show solo, like I apparently do with everything in my life, I decided to change it up. Make the brand a little more me and more on point with the mission behind MWP. With all this talk about being relatable, woman empowerment, and authenticity what better to base our rebrand off of than a 70's style vibe. The age of love and groovy female power.

I have always been a fan of the 70's. I love the fashion, the energy, the tunes, and the female movement that is still going strong today! I've even held a little grudge against my sister for being the one to grow up during that time. I'm just a 80's baby and we all know what a god awful era that was.... OMG the hair. Can you even stand it?

So with the rebrand of the website, new logo, I have launched new merchandise! Sweatshirts, tees, and tanks. Baby, toddler and kids items. Eco friendly shopping bags, pet hoodies (yes I know they are adorable) phone cases, makeup bags, mugs and more!!! Merchandise is a great way to get a little something for supporting the show and keeping Mommy Wines coming to you every Wine Wednesday for free.

If you're open to being a guest on the show don't hesitate to reach out! I would love to hear what you have to say. If you're a brand that connects with the MWP mission feel free to email

Shop One Hope Wine and sip for a cause where 10% of profits are donated to nonprofits.

Don't forget to tune in every Wine Wednesday for new Mommy Wines Podcast episodes and make sure to leave a rating and review.

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