MWP Fundraiser For ASPCA

Through my podcast I have been able to do some pretty incredible things and meet some awesome people. Probably you, reading this post. Yeah you... You're awesome. This show has grown so much because of the support of my loyal listeners. The ones who followed from my days as a controversial mommy blogger, to the new listeners who found the show looking for some entertainment in quarantine and all the Wine Moms in between.

That's why my new sponsor One Hope Wines means so much to me. I love to give back, raise a voice, and do my part in bettering the world and my local community. Milo and I do that with our environmentally conscious doggy supply shop The Fetching Barker and now even more so with One Hope Wines. With One Hope pretty much all I have to do to support non profits is drink wine and y'all know that isn't a chore around here. Click the video below to see what all One Hope has done to make the world a better place.

From November 23th - December 14th I have decided to partner with One Hope Wine to raise funds for the ASPCA. Right before the pandemic shut down, and I mean right before, Milo and I rescued a chocolate Goldendoodle named Zeppelin. Living in Salt Lake City at the time we brought her home from the local animal shelter on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th of 2020) and the city closed on March 18th of 2020.

Animals have always held a soft spot in my heart and as I was looking for a cause to support this holiday season, her goofy dopey face looked up at me with her big green eyes all wide and I just couldn't help myself. This is not only a way to give back to homeless animals in need but a way for me to honor this loving fluff ball that has brought so much joy and comfort to our lives. I couldn't imagine going through something like a global pandemic without her.

She has truly become mine and Milo's best friend and a part of our family. I want to remind you, that if you are looking at add a furry four legged friend to your family this year please check out the ASPCA website for local adoptions and Petfinder to search for adoptable animals near you. In my opinion rescue pets have always been more grateful and appreciative. Making for more loyal loving pets.

Whatever your holiday plans are make sure to fit in some wine! Whether that be for you or some of One Hope's giftable sets! Checking off your holiday list and shopping the Mommy Wines ASPCA Fundraiser is all you have to do to get incredible wines that support homeless animals.

Shop One Hope Wine and sip for a cause where 10% of profits are donated to support nonprofits.

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