MW Wine Club Launch

Hey wine moms! I have been working so hard behind the scenes for months and months and months on this top secret project. I had originally wanted to launch the wine club at the begining of 2020 but still living in Utah was such a restriction (you can't get wine shipped's basically a prison) along with my budding Edj Consulting Group practice. But now I feel like it's finally the perfect time! I have searched for better ways to connect with all of you and I feel deep within my heart that this is finally it! I am so excited that the MW Wine Club is finally here. Many of the lifers remember when I started out as a mommy blogger and y'all were the ones who pushed me to expand into.... well at the time YouTube, but that wasn't for me, which turned into the Mommy Wines Podcast!

It's because of you I am able to be here today. Connecting with fellow mothers, sharing the stories of woman and having conversations that need to be had, open and safely. My motivation behind the MWP is to normalize the female reality, and all the bumps, lumps, curves and sips that come along with motherhood. This is a space for us to do our best learning and in my opinion, that's from each other. We can gain so much from other's experiences if we open our ears and minds.

The MW Wine Club is a space for us to connect in a intimate setting, basically one on one, while learning about wine from real life professionals. Each bi-monthly virtual wine club event will have a new theme while we try a new wine. No wine club event will be alike! You may even catch me live at a winery, taste testing the wines with the winemakers themselves.

To register simply head to the MW Wine Club page at There are multiple levels of support you can give to the club and show, and with each level grants us the opportunity to grow, expand, and visit new places with new faces. Each level of wine club membership also opens up new benefits such as free merchandise, giveaway advantages, and exclusive discounts! Come join in and try new sips with us! I'm so excited to meet each and every one of you! Also, don't forget to share the MW Wine Club with your friends! Make it a family affair like we do with everything around here!

Shop One Hope Wine and sip for a cause where 10% from each bottle is donated to support nonprofits.

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