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I have gotten quite a few questions on how we podcast and the products I use to produce the Mommy Wines Podcast. This is one of the reasons I have opened up the doors to the Mommy Wines Network. If you would like your podcast produced and marketed by the Mommy Wines Network team email Here are the products we use for podcasting.

Blue Yeti Nano Premium

We have been learning so much since we have gotten into podcasting. As technology advances this is an ever growing and learning industry. One of the most important parts of podcasting is high quality, clear sound. So when we went on the hunt for new mics we went straight to Blue Yeti! I have heard nothing but rave reviews and being one of the highest rated microphones on the market it was an easy choice.

Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus

So I just unboxed the Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones on IG Live and I couldn't be more excited for whats to come with Mommy Wines. Carly and I are now booking guests, tours, and events and we can't wait to bring you along for this crazy ride. We didn't want to jump right into the mad world of camera's with all the advances IPhone has made. However, we want to make sure our content is #quality. So we splurged and got a stabilizer.

I am so incredibly impressed with how easy to use, light weight, and high quality this stabilizer is. It also comes with a stand for still or time lapse video recording. The iSteady Mobile Plus is upgraded from the original iSteady Mobile.

HP Laptop

A laptop or computer is a crucial part when it comes to podcasting. You have to have something to stream your audio onto. I have always loved HP products and though it's time for an upgrade I love my HP Laptop. I prefer the HP because of the additional storage options, high speed, large internal memory, and the compatible range of other office products.

Audacity® Audio Recorder and Editor

One of the things I love about Audacity is the simple and easy editing and recording features. I have never taken a class or in no way am I a audio engineer graduate, but as a self taught producer I love using audacity's super simple audio recording for the Mommy Wines Podcast.

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Written by: Emma Dawn


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