Whether you have a baby, a toddler, or a young child (you’re probably already rushed off your feet, but here goes), it’s never too early to introduce some key ideas about life to them. Parenting is very much trial and error; however, there are aspects that you know you want your little one to learn and understand so that they grow up as well-rounded as possible (you’re already doing great by the way). Responsibility is something you’ll be feeling more than ever, especially as you navigate through keeping your kids happy and healthy, and it’s a quality that doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Therefore, it’s never too soon to start thinking about how you can give your tots a sense of feeling responsible for something, without all the real pressures that come as you grow up (they’ll learn those things soon enough).

Being responsible can be fun, and it can bring out the caring side to your child. Kids often love the sense that they can do what they see adults do, even if it’s on a very basic (or pretend) level. Therefore, it might be time to think of ways to introduce some things into your home and life that will help your little ones along, and give them a sense of responsibility, without adding too much to your, already very full, plate. The following are some ideas and inspiration for moms who want to encourage care, thoughtfulness, and responsibility in their home, for their smallest best friends to benefit.


Helping your child take care of a living creature will ensure that they understand what it is you do for them, and how important it is to keep up the good work in creating an environment where a pet can thrive. Now, there’s no need to go and buy a puppy (just yet); you can check out companies like and discover how you can add some fishy friends to your home. Fish will make a low-maintenance addition to the family home, but you can get the kids involved in the feeding and cleaning processes, not to mention naming them all (the most important part).


Whether you have a backyard and garden space, a balcony or window box, or a window ledge in your home; there is always space for some plant life. If the thought of a pet and another living creature is a little too much at this time; why not introduce a leafy friend to your little one instead. They can learn to tend a little area of the garden, or just ensure that the pot plant in their room is watered and has enough light. These activities will promote care and consideration in them, and they’ll love seeing the plant or plants grow and change. Check out for some ideas on low maintenance houseplants for some ideas on what to invest in first.

However you decide to introduce responsibility in your family home; make it fun so that your little ones will stick to it, and reap the rewards of what care-giving can bring.

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