Going back to work after giving birth is not always easy. You have to balance the needs of your child and are probably getting less sleep than usual, but you will try to be just as good at your job as you were before the baby was born.  Becoming a parent changes your priorities and what you thought you want from your career may not matter anymore.

Getting through the first few weeks can be nerve-racking while you leave your child in daycare and are wondering if they are OK. Once you know they are happy in the care of the people you have chosen, it does get a little easier but as any new mom or dad will tell you, things will never be the same again.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Don’t be hard on yourself when you return to work, especially in the first few days and weeks. It will not be perfect from the start as you get used to the new responsibilities that parenthood creates.

Have patience with yourself and try not to get involved in any large projects to start with. You need time to adjust to being a mum and the changes that have happened in your workplace since you were last there.

Set Clear Boundaries

These days, it is not unusual for parents to have flexible working hours and to make up their time by working from home while they are getting into the swing of things again. If this is what you are doing you need to talk to your team and let them know what times you will be available online.

You should also take this opportunity to find out how their lives have been while you were away to make them feel that they are more important than just informing them of your planned schedule.

When you are at home, set the hours you have got to work and try to stick with it. You do not want to be working when you should be preparing a meal or when the baby just needs you to sit and give them a cuddle.

Having boundaries for yourself and your team will make the transition back to work a lot simpler.

Manage Your Time

When you know you have to leave work on time to fetch your baby from daycare it makes you prioritize the most important tasks for each day. Getting them done before you leave is great, but what if then a superior asks you to stay late to do something else for them?

You have to be honest with them and let them know that you are no longer in a position to do extra hours at work, but that you will take it home to complete, or do it first thing in the morning. They will appreciate your honesty and this will help to rebuild your working relationships.

If they do not react in this way, you need to contact someone such as Judge Diane Ritchie. You can see from her blog page that she has experience in many legal matters, but as part of her career has handled many cases between employers and employees.

Make Some Time For You

Every new parent needs some time that is just for them, and this is especially so if you have returned to work. It does not have to be hours as just a few minutes can make the difference. A short period of ‘you time’ can be better for your brain’s alertness than anything else.

Some people use the time they are commuting on a bus or train to shut themselves off from the rest of the world, and others will take a few minutes of their lunch break to just sit quietly on their own. It does not matter how you achieve it, just make sure you have a few minutes to yourself every day.

Starting a family and combining it with a career can be difficult but it is not impossible as there are thousands of people that do it every day.

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