From Corporate Power Suit To Ethical Organic Linen: How Motherhood & Homeschool Changed Me

As we move slowly but surely into a lifestyle that will bring us back to connection, back to thinking for ourselves, back to nature, simply back to basics, homeschool has played a huge part in that for us. I don't know about you, but the 2020 pandemic put so many things into perspective. As a solo-parent I realized we needed financial security along with flexibility. I didn't want to waste another minute in the busy-ness of the mundane day to day hustle and bustle. That our time together, learning together, exploring together, traveling together is what is really the most important to us in this life. Life is short after all and you only get one chance, no do overs. We are trying to use screens more responsibly and get outside more often. To learn by our truth and experience and a little less off the internet.

I'm not quite sure what my homeschool style is or if you can even put it in a single category. There are so many to choose from after all: Unschooling, Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, School-at-Home, Unit studies, and even some Eclectic educational methods. Regardless, I will be documenting our activities, must haves, projects, lesson plans, experiments, fails.... the whole shebang right here on Mommy Wines!

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How it started...

I never thought I would be a home schooling mom. I have spent a huge majority of my adult life in corporate finance or traveling around the country. I always expected to climb the corporate latter, or open my own office when I was done consulting other financial professionals on developing theirs. If I'm being honest I never thought I would even be a mom at all, let alone a homeschooling mom. Besides being a "workaholic" back in the day, in my early 20's I was also told I would never have children due to scar tissue and being diagnosed with PCOS. Having my son Milo completely changed my life in all the best ways possible.

Becoming a mother gave me the gift of unconditional love. Something I never thought I was capable of or knew how to do until that nurse placed a tiny bundled up baby boy in my arms. Motherhood for me has it's share of ups and downs, but the one consistent pillar in our lives is our love for one another. I feel like I have a purpose, a reason, and a one shot gift. I don't want to waste it. Milo is my miracle pot of gold at the end of too many rainbows and I want our life together to be perfectly "ours".

I'm not afraid to say before motherhood I was a bit tunnel vision. Didn't care for much outside of my work and my own little world. Dining out with friends, shopping, drinks on weekends, summers on the lake, the next big thing or big move. Motherhood changed that for me. I have become more sensitive to the world around me, and more conscious and passionate about making it a better place for Milo and future generations. Which is what has taken this corporate power suit to ethical organic linens from traditionally modern to basic alternative.

Where we are going...

Our goal is to move into a more off-grid, sustainable, low impact and low intervention lifestyle. Now, I'm not getting super crazy with it or anything, but one thing I noticed when motherhood opened my eyes was how much the world has changed and the direction it seems to be going in. I'm not here to say if it is good or bad, but I know it's not the direction I want for myself or my son. We are simply choosing a life full of more peace over chaos, connection over being connected, and choosing to give more than we take.

We are able to do this because last year in 2020 I reinvented my consulting business and became The Home Bookkeeper. Bookkeeping is ideal for all the changes we have been implementing and it doesn't require any quiet atmosphere (meaning it's kid-friendly), specific 9-5 schedule (work when you want or when you can) or anything other than a laptop and WIFI (zero overhead). This is how we have been able to move out of a toxic city and into our rural paradise. How we are able to adventure, play, picnic, and learn anytime we wish, and how homeschooling didn't seem sooooooo scary when the entire world decided to shut down.

Some of the ways we are taking small steps is by learning to grow a garden (homeschool activity) learning about the weather as the weather is happening (homeschool activity) cooking our meals at home together (homeschool activity) flying a kite (homeschool activity) taking a hike (homeschool activity) meditating and discussing our emotions (homeschool activity) describing what we see running errands and driving in the car (homeschool activity)

I've come to notice homeschooling doesn't have to be hard, stressful, elaborate, expensive, time consuming, or any other stigma around the "alternative" approach that challenges the industrious public educational system. All it has to be is together.

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