A house is much more than just a building to sleep at night. It’s supposed to be a sanctuary for you and your family and the place in the world that you are safest. If you have children roaming around, however, this might not be the case. After all, little ones don’t know to look out for dangers like we do and that often gets them in trouble. Thankfully, there is plenty that you can do to avoid this. With that in mind, here are five ways to make your home more child-friendly.

Cover The Power Sockets

Children are curious creatures, particularly in their younger years. Because of this, many stick their fingers in power sockets just to see what happens. As you know, however, this is incredibly dangerous. To stop your little one getting hurt, you must ensure that every outlet is covered up, whether it be by a plug or an outlet cover. When it comes to sockets, cords, unfortunately, also pose a risk. This is why it’s best that you tidy your wires away behind appliances and furniture.

Lay Non-Slip Flooring

Falling is just a part of growing up. Nothing that you do is going to stop this, especially when your child is first learning to walk. However, you should try to keep these falls to a minimum and ensure that your little one isn’t hurt in the process. You can do this by laying non-slip flooring, such as carpeting, which you can find at If you do choose to carpet, a darker color will hide messes better than lighter ones.

Get Creative With Storage

From toys and books to clothes and diapers, little ones come with a lot of stuff. This is why, when you have kids running around the house, you can never have too much storage. After all, you can’t just leave these things lying around, as your children could trip over them. If you already have lots of cupboards and shelving, then look into hidden storage. Multifunction furniture, like storage ottomans and couches, are an option, as are window seat chests and wall safes.

Try An Open Plan

Modern-day family life is incredibly busy. Because of this, there’s rarely enough time to spend with one another. An open plan design for your home, however, can make it a lot easier to do so. By turning your house into an open space, you blend many separate rooms into one. This means that you can each do your own thing in your own area, but can still interact with one another. If you have younger kids, this allows you to watch them, while you cook or clean.

Put Limits In Place

Although an open plan definitely has its benefits, it can also be risky. A kitchen is a dangerous place, after all, so you don’t want young children wandering in there whenever they like. If you choose this design, therefore, you must put limits in place. Depending on how your kitchen is laid out, you may be able to install child safety gates. If this isn’t possible, then take a look at the cabinet lock options at and put any dangerous items away.

Your home should be a safe place for your child, so make it that way by following the advice above.

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