Easy Ways to Save on Baby

We all know babies are pricey. For being so small they make a huge dent in our wallets. As a single mom, I want my dollar to stretch as far as it will go. Get the most bang for my buck if you hear what I'm sayin'. There are so many new programs out there. Finding ways to save is practically effortless! Here are some ways I save on Milo's everyday must haves.

Buy Online Shopping online really helps with convenience and saving money. Often times you can find discounts, coupon codes, and free shipping when shopping online. Plus, stores are specially designed to intrigue buyers. Without, all the products and signage right in front of your face it's easier to order what you need and let that be that. Plus, your online shopping cart carries a running total so it's easier to stick to a budget when you can see how much you are spending vs. finding out at the check out.

Amazon One of the most helpful sites when it comes to shopping online is Amazon. Literally a one stop shop. They have also introduced amazing features that make mom life even easier, such as subscribe & save and prime pantry. Subscribing and saving on the items you know you will need continuously like diapers, wipes, baby wash, lotion, diaper cream, formula etc is a great way to cut down on what you have to buy in store and then carry into the house. No one likes lugging those shopping bags in from the car. If you do then well.... you're nuts :) Prime pantry is a newer feature of amazon I have been loving lately. All the things you use on the daily can be delivered right to your door. Baby's favorite snacks, personal care, bulk items, cleaning supplies etc. Fill up your pantry box with your essentials and it ships right to your door.


So many of your favorite markets and stores have introduced new pick up options or even to the door delivery. Having a toddler makes it difficult to shop in store these days. His attention span is about as long as a blippi intro and he refuses to stay in the cart. Instacart is the easiest way for me to order my groceries and Milo's favorite foods. Smith's or Kroger depending where you are have the best bargain diapers I have also found. Too bad I found this out when my son was already a toddler and on the verge of potty training. If you want to check and see if instacart is in your area click the link for $10 in free groceries.

Don't Over Buy Novelty Baby's don't really need that much when you think about it. Over buying on the novelty items can cost some serious dough. Designer bibs and burp cloths are not a need. Just a total want because they are so dang cute! Try using cloth diapers as just about anything. Burp cloths, changing liners, bibs... They are so much cheaper and soak up way more than the designer styles. Gerber has packs of white in the baby section at Walmart that of course would go with anything. I used Gerber's cloth diapers for pretty much everything when Milo was younger. (as a burp cloth, changing table liner in the pack n play, towel for his bottles, really anything)

Baby socks... Forget it! Useless! Baby Mittens...Toss em'! These two items I swear were designed by Lucifer himself. Try getting footed pants or pajama suits vs. socks. In exchange for mittens try using baby tops with sleeves that fold over. Gerber makes white kimono style shirts that I loved when Milo was a newborn. Things like baby towels and wash cloths are pretty useless too. If you get them at your baby shower or as a gift, of course, use them because they are often times super cute. Baby towels are no different than a normal towel and baby will soon outgrow them anyway. Sticking with multi use basics is a huge way to save when it comes to a new baby.

Coupons Despite my trying my hardest to make Milo an organic baby he is a Gerber baby all the way. There are always so many coupons out there for baby products. Gerber is a huge one. I take advantage of those whenever I can. Try signing up on your favorite brand's website, printing from coupons.com, lozo.com, smartsource.com, honey browser extension or even the Sunday paper. Also, check out your market's website. I shop Smith's which is a Kroger store. I download coupons from their website and they are deducted from my total when the cashier scans my Smith's shopper card. Makes saving so easy when you aren't holding up the line waiting for a stack of coupons to be scanned.

Shop Sales! This one may be a no brainer, but shop sales! I have never paid full price for any of Milo's designer fashions. Carter's and Oshkosh B'gosh, Old Navy, H&M always have some type of sale happening. Shopping stores like Ross or Marshalls are great places to find super awesome discounts on the cutest clothes, toys, books etc. Their inventory rotates and changes all the time so don't give up if you don't find something you like the first time.

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