Can you Bellini anything?

Can you Bellini anything?

This is a question I asked myself after having a brunch date with Carly at one of her favorite foodie spots in Cottonwood Heights, SLC, UT. Surprisingly, I have never had or even made a Bellini before. I am a mimosa gal myself though practically the same thing. However, one sip of Carly's and it was over! We ended up getting a Carafe Mimosa, Bellini style (since she hates the ol OJ) and our brunch went from a quick meal to an entire girls day. This is when we knew the podcast was meant to be ours and we haven't looked back since.

Since she is such a fan of the cocktail made with Champagne and peach purée or nectar, I thought it would be fun for our first official episode together to have a Bellini "Sip or Spill" in celebration. When this thought crossed my mind I realized there are an array of different fruits out there that could be "Bellini-ed" and would pair perfectly with some champs. So, I hit up my local market and liquor store for the ingredients and the results were incredible.

If you want to snazzy up your next pregame for a girls night out or mix up a special, quick and easy, cocktail for a Netflix binge watch, try mixing an enticing Jumex juice and your favorite champs! These Bellini's are also perfect for summer fun and easily made for a group.

What's needed

Champagne or Prosecco

Jumex Juice Varieties

Yep Thats it!

Check out which Bellini styles were our personal faves in the "Sip or Spill" wine review in the first episode of season two of the Mommy Wines Podcast. Also new is our Wine Expert Merchandise. This merch is limited edition and won't be released again. It is exclusively produced and shipped from Bonfire. Shop now until July 12th on the shop page or at

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