We all know that exercise is good for us. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough of a motivation to get us most of us off the couch and start exercising. Here are just a few other ways in which you can motivate yourself to exercise.

Set yourself tangible goals

Having goals gives you a reason to exercise. ‘Getting fit’ isn’t enough of a goal – you need to have something tangible to work towards. If you’re looking to lose weight, you could make it your goal to fit in a certain pair of jeans. If you want to build muscle, you could set a strength goal such as being able to lift a certain size weight. If you want to improve your stamina, you could aim to run a certain distance. These are all goals you can measure and work towards more easily. On top of these end goals, consider smaller goals along the way too.

Keep track of your progress

Keeping track of your progress allows you to see how far you’ve got until you reach your goal. It also allows you to see how far you’ve come from the start. You can record your progress using an app or you could start a personal blog to record your fitness from week to week.

Reward yourself for exercising

Allowing yourself rewards for exercise can spur you on to complete your workout schedule. There are many different ways in which you can reward yourself. You could allow yourself to use the sauna at the gym. You could even treat yourself to some unhealthy food (providing it doesn’t undo your workout). Alternatively, you could treat yourself by doing nothing (you could even reward yourself with a nap).

Personalize your exercise to your lifestyle

Not every type of exercise is going to benefit every type of lifestyle. Finding something that suits your lifestyle could be important for keeping your motivated. For instance, you may be able to fit in a workout each day in your lunch break at work or you may be able to find an exercise plan that you can do at home whilst watching TV. Seeking professional help at a medical weight loss location could help you find a form of exercise catered to your precise physical needs. Alternatively, you could hire a personal trainer to help you come up with a personalized plan.

Find an exercise buddy

For some people, having an exercise buddy could provide encouragement. If you get bored exercising, it could help to pass the time by making it a social activity. You can also motivate each other to exercise when one of you is having a lazy day. Ideally, your exercise buddy should be someone of a similar ability to you. If you can’t find anyone to exercise with, another option could be to join an exercise class and meet like-minded people there.  

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