As the rain trickles down your window, disappointment sets in. Today you were supposed to go outside with the kids, maybe you were heading to the funfair, the beach, fishing, an outdoor birthday party, but now it's beginning to dawn on you that your planned family day out may need to be cancelled. You're probably feeling a little unprepared for the turn of events, and are racking your brains to think of things you can do in the confines of your own home. For a few ideas to get the cogs turning, take a look below.


What's not to love about baking with your family? It teaches kids some of the skills needed for cooking, infuses the home with the aroma of warm chocolate chip cookies, and then you still all have the reward of eating your cookies once you're finished. So, if you have some eggs, milk and flour spare, get to mixing and bake away your rainy day.

Crafty Work

For the imaginative and artsy individuals in your household, this is one for them. Why not get crafty with some artistic tools you already own such as finger paints, glue, colored card. Also shop around your home to find some household items that you might be able to use, such as empty loo rolls and washing up liquid bottles. The aim is to try and use what you have to make something cool and fun. For instance, you could spend some time tackling creating and organizing your scrapbook with the little ones, make a card for a birthday that's approaching, or have a go at copying some Origami videos online.

You never know, it could be a new joint hobby for you and your family. And you may find yourselves indulging in some online shopping to purchase some more materials and equipment ahead of the next rainy day. Be it a techy investment in a vinyl cutter from, a camera and instant photo printer for adding snaps to your scrapbook, or perhaps some detail-oriented coloring books.

Disney Marathon

At some point in the day, in between making lunches, taking care of potty training, and tidying up you will probably need some time to settle down and rest. This is where Disney films are a lifesaver for parents. It allows you and the kids to relax, and cuddle, while engaging in some Disney classics, The Lion King in particular never disappoints.

Dress Up

Why not think about a dress-up theme inspired day, either by using costumes you already own or better yet get stuck into making costumes from your old clothes. Halloweens only a few months away, get sewing, cutting and gluing, and be the early birds who make fantastic, enviable, unique costumes from scratch with their family.

On occasions such as this, we realize that being indoors isn't so bad after all. However, if the above is not enough and perhaps you're the outdoorsy family who needs a kick of fresh air to feel like you've had an accomplished day, nothing is stopping you from wrapping up in your warmest waterproof clothes, pulling out the wellies and umbrellas and going for a stroll through the puddles.

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