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Are you tired as a mother? It is one of the most recognized cliches of motherhood. Bringing home baby and stepping into your new role as mommy is such a precious moment in your life. A precious moment that had myself and many other mommies running on auto pilot. Complete zombies, with our Battery Low light flashing in bright red. "Mommin' ain't easy!" Some days I don't even know how I got through. Sure, I often only managed to line one of my eyes and I claimed pajamas as my fashion go to. I look back on those newborn days as a complete blur, covered in a fog of utter exhaustion, sprinkled with love. I needed sleep before I ran away to a spa in the mountains. So, I looked up every tip and trick and spoke with my doctor and these are just some of the tips that helped me sleep like a baby as a new mom.

Tea Herbal teas help the mind and body relax. I love the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime 100% Natural. Also, try doing an herbal tea detox to rid your body and breast milk supply of any impurities and free radicals. I use Yogi Berry DeTox and noticed a huge difference in everything from my sleep quality to better looking skin. The healthier you are the better your sleep will be.

Warm Shower Try taking a warm shower at night. This is a great time for you and baby to unwind and start preparing for bed.  These days I toss Milo in the shower with me at night and he plays with his toys while I am washing. This is probably his favorite time of day. We both use calming scented soaps, such as Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath Wash.

No Electronics I do not have a TV in my bedroom and never will. Screens and blue-lights found in electronics, such as phones and tablets, are a distraction and have an adverse effect to make you feel awake and stimulated. The constant mental engagement makes it difficult to shut down your mind and fall into a proper sleep. I keep my phone and my laptop on my desk in my living room at night. Try putting away your electronics for 2 weeks and see if you can notice a difference in the time you fall asleep and the quality of rest. I bet you will.

Coffee/Caffeine This is a hard one for me. Cutting out the afternoon coffee breaks is a must though if you are trying to get better sleep at night. Keep your Pumpkin Spice latte to mornings only. Reducing your caffeine intake as the day progresses halts those jolts of energy and allows your mind and body to relax as the night approaches. I switch to teas and water only around 2:00 in the afternoon. This also includes you too soda drinkers. Try switching to water in the afternoons. Sodas are packed with sugar even if they say caffeine free. Something to keep in mind.

Routine Find a routine that works well for you and baby. Babies love routines and getting on one with baby will only benefit you. Routines give you and baby something to look forward to and prepare for. Your body will fall into a groove with your routine and help in taking advantage of those rest times. However, this doesn't mean sleep when baby sleeps. Who ever said to do this must not have had children or been a man! Maybe in the first couple weeks it is helpful to nap with baby while you are both adjusting. Once baby begins to take longer naps and you both adjust to a routine it is important to get quality sleep at night and only rest (not nap) during the day.