It's no secret coconut oil has been a hot topic in the beauty, health, and natural communities for some time now. I am one of those crazy for coconut ladies, myself. I use it for pretty much everything. So, of course, I have compiled a complete list of my favorite uses and benefits of coconut oil, just to share with you!

1) Hair Treatment - I melt 2 TBS of extra virgin oil with my The First Years Bottle Warmer (do not microwave) and apply all through out my damp hair. Then I brush through with my wooden brush. Twist up into a clip, cover with a cap or thick headband and sleep on it. I shampoo the next morning with the OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo and continue with my normal routine. I do this about once a week. 

2) Breastfeeding - Word on the street says coconut oil can boost lactation. I have to agree! Try incorporating coconut oil as much as possible into your diet while nursing. Either way coconut oil has increased levels of antimicrobial fats which are healthy for mom and baby. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says these fats, lauric acid and capric acid guard against infection from harmful viruses, bacteria, yeast and parasites, which aids in supporting the baby’s immune system. 3) Stretch Marks - After creating the miracle of new life. Dealing for months with the cravings, hormones, the aches and pains. We are left with a constant reminder of the beautiful birthing battle we faced. The dreaded stretch marks. Unless, you are one of those lucky perfect woman. Therefore, I hate you. Just kidding, rock on. However, for the rest of us, try rubbing coconut oil on your marks. Mine are nearly gone already.  4) Digestive Support - Coconut oil is much easier to digest than other oils due to the medium chain fatty acids MCFA's. Coconut oil has anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. This miracle oil helps kill “bad” microorganisms that can cause inflammation. Aiding in the ease of digestion and helping people who suffer from diseases such as Crohn's, colitis etc. 5) Mental Booster - People have said coconut oil is the cure for Alzheimer’s. What's proven though is that the fatty acids in coconut help aid in healthy brain function. You'll notice a boost in energy, cognitive function, mood and emotion. Feeding your brain healthy keytones vs. hydrogenated sugars and/or oils will always be a win/win.  6) Bath - If you live in a dryer climate, like me, or are just prone to dry skin, also like me, then you need to try this. As moms we need to not forget about ourselves and take some time for us once in a while. So once a week after I put Milo to bed I take a nice, long, hot.... soak in the tub. I stir in about 1 TBS of coconut oil and soak it up. My skin is so soft and vibrant afterwards. I wish I could do it more often.  7) Soothe Nipples - If you are a nursing mommy then you have probably experienced dry, chafed, or even cracked nipples from time to time. I thought mine were going to fall off when Milo was a newborn. Since coconut oil is edible and natural there is no need to wipe off before nursing again. It's perfect for babies to consume. The antimicrobial fats along with the many other benefits aid in the growth and protection of your babies development.  8) Dry Skin - After the shower I will rub a tiny amount of my dryer areas. (knees, thighs, elbows etc.)  I also make sure to hit all my eczema spots. Motherhood often times means lots and lots of hand washes. Which leaves my paws dry, cracked and itchy. Every so often I will rub a fair amount on my hands and cover with a gloves right before bed. In the morning I follow my normal routine and afterwards my hands are refreshed.   9) Face Mask - Melt about half a table spoon and mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oils. (lavender for relaxation, tea tree for acne, hemp for dry or rosy complexion) rub all over face and neck. Rinse with a warm damp cloth in about 15-20 minutes. 10) Oil Pulling - Swish around a TBS of coconut oil in your mouth for  10 - 20 minutes. (try not to gag). This will do wonders for your oral hygiene your dentist will applaud you for. (add a couple drops of peppermint or spearmint essential oil if you are not a coconut fan, like myself) 11) Foot Treatment - Massage a heavy amount into feet. (focus on the heals) Cover with socks and go to bed. That part kinda sucks, I hate socks in bed. However, in the morning you will have soft coconutty feet!  12) Reduces Cellulite - At night rub extra virgin coconut oil into your thighs or where ever your cellulite likes to creep up on ya. Do this nightly for noticeably smooth results. 13) Fat Burner - Coconut oil has a different makeup than other more traditional oils, such as canola or olive oils. It has been proven to boost metabolism and increase energy.  14) Makeup Remover - Coconut oil is great for removing even the most stubborn to remove make up. It also won't leave your eyes all dry and itchy like a chemical remover. Rub coconut oil together with your fingertips to loosen and warm up. Then rub all over eyes and wipe with a warm, damp, washcloth.  15) Hormone Balance - We all know throughout pregnancy and even months postpartum our hormones are way off track. Total crazy train. Coconut oil's saturated fats and help restore some balance. Having well balanced hormones can also limit bloating, reduce weight gain, aid in weight loss, ease symptoms of diseases like PCOS, relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve cognitive function , along with mood. Hormones are the bodies messengers. The healthier and more balanced they are, the less likely it is they'll send an error message.