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Do you have an idea for a podcast but don't know where to start? Marketing, Branding, Production, Sponsorship's, this is all a lot to take in. Join the Mommy Wines Network for exclusive training's, marketing, and promotional aids available to make your podcast as successful as possible. Also, get your show cross promoted on all show's within the MW Network.

Email for a consultation to see if you would be a good fit for the Mommy Wines Network.

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MW Network Memberships

By joining the Mommy Wines Podcast Network you get to keep your podcast's earnings! We don't take a percentage. Just one simple yearly flat rate that includes unlimited access to the plan of your choice listed below.

Sparkling $699 – This yearly subscription to the Mommy Wines Network gives you everything included with the Red & White Memberships, plus full editing and production of your podcast. (limit 1 episode per week)

White Membership $249 - This yearly subscription to the Mommy Wines Network gives you everything included with the Red Membership, plus social media promotion of your podcast episodes across all Mommy Wines social accounts

Instagram, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Pinterest, Tailwind, Email Marketing Audience 

Red Membership $99 – This yearly membership to the Mommy Wines Network gives you unlimited log in access to exclusive podcast e - training's, branding and marketing aids, and cross promotions on all shows within the Mommy Wines Network. 

Just One Glass Services

Add on any of these additional services to your Mommy Wines Network plan or use individually. Just one glass... See what I did there. 

Website Design $599 - Creation and design of one three page website.

Not including domain purchase.

Additional Pages + $50 ea. 

Audio / Video + $100


Business Development Plan $1299 - A personalized business consulting plan that will aid in improving production, operational ease, marketing / branding, and revenue. 

Mommy Wines Network E-Training $299 - Do you want limited access to the MW Network training resources without the other benefits of fully joining the MW Network?  

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Mommy Wines

The Mommy Wines Podcast is a candid, realistic, slightly intoxicated entertainment show. Tune in every Wednesday where ever you listen to your favorite podcasts. 

Mommy Wines TV

Mommy Wines TV is a behind the scenes look at my adventure through podcasting, events, and special guests! I am so excited to open up my life and experiences with you all! Make sure to subscribe to Mommy Wines TV on YouTube

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MW Network

The Mommy Wines Network is a podcast network and production company designed to inspire woman to share their voice and aid in the creation of their own podcasts.